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Here is the current list of downloads available for free. All them follow a generic MIT license. All the tools include source code. The main purpose of the source code is letting you know that the programs are completely safe: if you are a security paranoic then just have a look on the code, verify that all is safe and recompile it with Visual Basic 6. At this moment we are also moving some of our sources to GitHub because it will allow community to fix and improve all of our tools there. Anyways every single change needs to be analyzed and approved by us. If you already know that our programs are 100 % safe then just use the executable directly. Anyways, just in case, I always should say that I won't be responsible for any kind of remotely possible damage that any of my tools could make in a direct or indirect way. You will be using the programs at your own responsability. If you do not agree then you are not allowed to use our tools.


IMPORTANT WARNING: If you use BLACKD PROXY in real Tibia servers you will have high risk of detection and deletion of your tibia account(s).
Only use it if you accept it.

Tool NameInformation LinkFile VersionTibia VersionInserted date# downloadsDOWNLOAD LINK
Blackd Tibia Multiclient newtibiamulticlient.php 10.98 10.98 2016-09-13 244531
Blackd Proxy (source) blackdproxy.php 40.9 10.98 2016-09-13 35940
Blackd Proxy (installer) blackdproxy.php 40.9 10.98 2016-09-13 154164
Blackd Safe Cheats (source) bsc.php 2.3.1 10.98 2016-09-13 12911
Blackd Safe Cheats
bsc.php 2.3.1 10.98 2016-09-13 58196
Safer Tibian safertibian.php 10.98 10.98 2016-09-13 15853
Tibia Music tibiamusic.php 10.98 10.98 2016-09-13 3850
Blackd Renamer blackdrenamer.php 10.98 10.98 2016-09-13 3483
Blackd VIP blackdvip.php 1.5 10.98 2016-09-13 2192
Blackd Hotkeys blackdhotkeys.php 1.0 ALL 2010-12-08 10943
Blackd Guardian blackdguardian.php 1.0 ALL 2007-12-21 4958
Blackd Light blackdlight.php 10.98 10.98 2016-09-13 7583
Common Installer : VB6 dlls and ocxs commoninstaller.php 2.0 ALL 2006-09-04 3447
TibiaVrec Tibiacam player (installer) tibiavrec.php 9.46 8.52 - 9.46 2012-04-19 1918
TibiaVrec Tibiacam player (source) tibiavrec.php 9.46 8.52 - 9.46 2012-04-19 1202

Download counters started at 27th August 2011, 21:00 CET

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